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Remedies For China’s Role In The Pandemic | From the Hoover Institution

The more we learn about the origins of the coronavirus, the more the case against China grows. Chinese doctors and scientists encountered COVID-19 patients as early as November 2019, but Beijing suppressed their efforts to research the virus and warn the world. While the emergence of vaccines holds hope for an end to the pandemic, the campaign to hold China to account,
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Biden Campaign Releases Statement on Hunter Investigation

President Elect Joe Biden with Hunter Biden

In life, timing is everything. Seems like years ago, but Twitter blocked news of Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine and China a little more than a month ago. Joe Biden when asked a question about it said, “More than 50 former intelligence officials” say its Russian disinformation.

Today, not Hunter but Joe relaeased a statement which admits Hunter is under criminal investigation by the IRS. That’s a pretty gutsy move by a politicaly savy government department just ahaead of an election. The realease and subsequest coverage nalso begs the question as to where were the mainstream media when the China story broke?

The timing and widespread coverage without tech platform suppression is also interesting. A cynic might speculate that having dragged Biden across the line, it’s time to begin to the process of not allowing him off the train. Joe Biden will quickly become a problem for the Democrats once Trump leaves. Trump consumes 95% of the available oxygen when it comes to the news cycle. In about a month through the ex-president will head into an uncertain sunset. Biden, having been missing for almost a year from the public stage will now have to perform. Biden detractors will say he will now get real questions from a press desperate to report the news. That remains to be seen. What is certain is that Biden appears to be suffering from some form of cognitive disorder.

What is certain is that Hunter Biden is not being audited, he’s under criminal investigation. The other worrying statistic for Biden is that the IRS are rarely unsuccessful when they launch such investigations. The other unknown is whether the President-Elect will be dragged into Hunter’s problems. If he is, it will only throw gas on the already troubling fires around the legitimacy of his Presidency and American’s trust in their voting system.