While the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Circle, Labour Outlines Their Faustian Bargain

Labour Doubles Down on an Unachievable Climate Promise

At their annual conference last week, Labour promised to cleanse the UK of fossil fuels by 2030. First of all, it’s a lie. The UK would continue to use fossil fuels at the same rate, if not greater than we do today. This path would only shift our reliance on those fuels further towards environmentally disastrous nations controlled by despots.

If that’s not bad enough, we will dive further down the hole of fuel poverty for our most vulnerable citizens. The UK cannot afford to underpin an unachievable pipe dream of fossil-free living against an unproven backdrop of global catastrophic failure sometime in the future, if ever. 

Labour has forsaken the working class to worship at the altar of a false god, climate alarmism. They ask the people they claim to care about to choose between warmth and food. It will only get worse, and yet the Ukrainian War and fuel crisis which the moronic adherence to climate fanaticism has caused is portrayed as a necessity. The morally bankrupt love to lecture about unproven deaths which might be caused by climate change while completely ignoring the real prospect of death caused this winter by unaffordable or unavailable energy.

Stammer should have explained the Faustian bargain he and his fellow Labour acolytes have entered: die today so future generations might not die tomorrow. It’s easy to draw parallels with other historical movements that have sold stability on the back of chaos. The war in Ukraine has a far more significant impact on climate, not to mention human suffering and death. The possibility of that conflict spilling over into Europe and beyond is real. Would the Western European states continue to pursue the lie of dispensing with fossil fuels? Fortunately, the answer is no. Quietly the fossil fuel lie is being disassembled by the Germans, French and many other European countries. Governments are cancelling the closing of nuclear power plants, burning coal and other fossil-based fuels to keep the power on. The lie is imploding. Stammer might want to take note. 

History is Replete With Decisions Made Based on Blind Adherenece

Many times in history, people believed that extreme measures taken now would translate into nirvana sometime in the future. The Holocaust comes quickly to mind. It was Sold as a way to solve all Germany’s problems at an undefined date. If the Third Reich was still in existence, would anyone believe that the Final Solution would have been set aside so Germans could live in harmony in their newly cleansed country? The answer to that is most certainly no. Survival of totalitarian regimes requires enemies and shiny objects.

Is there any belief that if we commit to war, famine and freezing to death to bring down global temperatures by 1 degree Celsius the climate fanatics will sit back and reflect on a job well done? We already have that answer. They now demand that they dictate where and when we live, what we will eat whether we can travel. They never say if there is a benefit to demanding we follow their unachievable lifestyle and continue to ignore that a majority of the world’s population can’t afford their privileged existence. At that point, they appear extreme and authoritarian, disconnected from reality and only able to see a utopian world as the four horsemen of the apocalypse circle. Why is this any different from the vision Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and others had, which translated solely into death and suffering? Another similarity is the need to avoid scrutiny while selling final solutions, thus the insistence that the science has been settled. 

The darkest moments in our history were predicated on a blind belief in solutions that played out as horrific events. Which entire populations bought into, supported and enabled or were subjugated to those solutions believing that they had to relinquish morals, freedom and, often, their lives for the undefined greater good.

To Bring Along Populations, You Must First Banish Free Speech

Ideologues don’t deal with reality and hate free speech. They define everything using words such as existential, world-ending event, and we must act now. It’s the ultimate shiny object strategy. If what they had to sell had value and was supported by the science they claim to love, the argument would speak for itself. They wouldn’t have to cloak it in catastrophic speech and unsubstantiated outcomes. Government and the media wouldn’t have to shut down people who question the doctrine, cancel them, or destroy their lives as they would be lone voices in a wilderness devoid of fact and content. The climate lobby has effectively kicked into touch any discussion or investigation of their set of “facts” with the “settled science” statement. As I have stated before, it took the Catholic Church until 1996 to declare that the “settled science” of the earth being flat was wrong. Many lost their lives, permanently cancelled, for contradicting the flat earth settled science. 

Today with the power of a compliant media, the climate lobby doesn’t have to kill the heretic; they have to destroy them entirely in the public square or not allow them access. That begs the question; how settled is the “settled science”? If it is so fragile that a few heretics can persuade large swathes of the population with lies, to be clear, that is the argument presented by the climate alarmists. Then on what foundation are they asking us to completely dismantle our civilization, kill millions from starvation, freeze in the winters, fry in the summer and never leave our high-density boxes? It should be compelling and not based on an ideology like the flat earth lie. 

Labour should have outlined solutions addressing today’s reality

Labour should have addressed the fundamental issues of war, famine, and fuel poverty. Presented solutions which addressed real and palatable existential threats. Provided a set of solutions to the elderly that would manage the real possibility that many will lose their lives having surrendered our energy security to other countries. They might have wanted to present a vision for the realities of today and not immediately move to their ideological view that we will all die sometime in the future and not submit a lie that we will be free of fossil fuels in 8 years.

When faced with hard decisions, most politicians point to the shiny object. They believe their political survival is jeopardized by addressing reality and prefer to hide amongst ill-defined and unproven future solutions. Unfortunately, we are walking blindly into a regional war with a state controlling most of Western Europe’s energy needs. If Russia stops supplying energy to Europe, the effect will be disastrous and deadly and they won’t even need to fire a shot, bringing Europe to its knees, necessitating a new Faustian bargain with an autocratic nation who sees us as an existential threat