The Nord Stream Attack Signals a Serious Escalation in the March Towards Total European Conflict

The Nord Stream pipeline is spewing millions of gallons of Methane into the atmosphere.  Today the EU has said, without identifying the culprit, it was sabotage.  From a security and climate perspective, this is a disaster.  Europe’s energy crisis will not be solved by the installation of more inefficient solar panels or blights on the landscape in the form of massive windmills.  It will be sorted by force and a complete 180 degree change in how we source energy. 

The progressive leaders of the western world, for the most part, have never experienced war.  They might want to note that War will erase any gain from electric vehicles many thousands of times over.  Our fanatical commitment to “climate change” is walking us to a place most have never seen before.

The war in Ukraine supported by billions of dollars and Ukraine flag overlays on twitter accounts will only become real when it lands with both feet in western Europe.  That event comes closer every day and the Nord Stream sabotage is a dramatic step forward in bringing conflict to Germany’s leafy suburbs and it spilling over into the rest of mainland Europe.

The Italian election is signaling a change in Europe.  Call the new Prime Minister what you will, fascist, Mussolini replacement, whatever slur you can think of, but she’s there because people are starting to reject the progressive agenda.  What are the predictions for the rest of Europe after a winter of cold and death and potentially a threat of war?  Hopefully political change.  The outcome could be much worse.

Few periods in human history have seen this level of insanity.  The complete rejection of common sense for an idealistic pipe dream.  Nazi Germany pursued a utopia created by the extermination of millions, but they were not able to convince much of the rest of the world it was an appropriate way forward.  Nor did they force their views down the throats of hapless third world countries.  

The current global psychosis will bring about the end of civilization far quicker than a 1 degree change in global temperatures.  It is human nature to ignore what must be done and concentrate on trying to boil oceans and pursue what can’t be done.

Europe is heading towards, at best, thousands of deaths from lack of fuel this winter.  At worst, a regional conflict caused by leaders blind to the realities of the world, convinced by their own hubris that continuing to attempt to solve a problem which will resolve if they leave markets alone, is a better policy than protecting their citizens from war, famine and death.