Brexit For Our Time!

We are where we are, an idealistic mess punctuated by throwing our toys out of the pram. The EU didn’t hand us a bad deal; we created it ourselves and the government owns the results. That’s why they are spinning hard pointing to fish and ignoring elephants.

At The Present Rate of Inoculation – It will Take At least 14 Years To Complete the Task

The government announced this week that they had administered 138,000 Covid vaccinations last week. To be fair, they are just getting started so that number should move up. The US Centres for Disease Control, CDC, is projecting 7 to 10 million people receiving the vaccine. Taken on its face. The UK rate of 138,000 compared to the US is pathetic. The media loves to compare raw data and ignore population size difference. If we agree that the US population is roughly 5 times that of the UK, our rate of inoculation adjusted for the US population would be 685,000. Roughly one-twelfth of the US rate. At our current rate of inoculation, it will take 14 years to administer a two-part Pfizer jab.

Hilarious article about Jill Biden’s Ed D.

The head exploding faux incredulity over Mrs Biden’s inappropriate use of an honorific has hit fever pitch. There is little doubt the elites who are complaining most. Were most likely sniping about the use of Jill’s Dr over gin and tonics before the conservative media’s incoming fire. Great read from NR Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is…


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